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Private Tom and his special student friend Bill like to play kinky games when they have time to spend together. They pretend that soldier Tom has captured and enemy spy and needs to interrogate him for information. They use leather bondage ties and tape, so that Youthful Bill is held helpless. His capture sucks his cock as he tries to get the information. Bill moans with pleasure, but won’t tell Tom anything. Even a faceful of delicious smelly Asian piss, doesn’t make the student talk. The tables are turned, as Bill escapes from his cuffs and he puts the leather toys on his slutty soldier pal instead, and he pounds the tight military hole in front of him with his swollen cock. The guys love their dressing up games, and just wish they had more time to play out their kinky fantasies.


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Privates Jason and David should really be getting on with the job that their commander has ordered them to do, which is decorate his office. The two slutty military twinks are more interested in each others swollen cocks, and bareback action, than they are about the orders they have. With the door locked, they remove their horny green uniforms and play with each others dicks. Jason sucks hard on David’s lovely Asian meat, and it stiffens in his mouth. David is so horny that he wants to feel his military friend’s man pussy muscles squeezing his cock, as he rams deep up into Jason tunnel. Even if someone came to the door now, the twinks wouldn’t be able to stop their slutty gay Asian military bareback fun. Only unloading lots of army jizz, can bring them session to a close.    

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Private Ray and Win are supposed to be decorating their commander’s office, but the slutty pair are more interested in decorating one another with thick creamy cum. A long French kiss has their cocks hardening inside their lush green uniforms, and they can’t wait to start sucking on each others cocks, as they love the taste of Asian sausage. The horny gay Asian soldiers ignore he fact that someone could walk in at any time, as they have forgotten to lock the door, in their haste to suck each others dicks, and they proceed to pound and pummel each others delicious military holes.   

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Not all members of the gay military army like to indulge in gay watersports, being quite happy to satisfy their lustful cravings, by having raw bareback sessions with other members of their unit. But Private Jason isn’t one of them. He is a kinky lad who loves to indulge in all sorts of gay pleasures. As a punishment for having dirty kit, he has to decorate part of the barracks, but having prepared the room he needs to piss. Instead of going to the bathroom, Jason decides to piss over his sexy uniform, but just as he is unleashing a stream of urine, another private enters the room. It is too late for Jason to stop now, but luckily his military friend decides to join in the kinky fun, and helps to direct the liquid gold all over Jason, before licking the last drops from his cock end. The soldiers are so horny by now, that there is no holding them back from a hot steamy bareback session, decorating each other with piss and cum.

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Gay Asian military pair Thomas and Vernon, love bareback action when they are dressed in their green uniforms. They have lost their platoon in the forest, but that doesn’t bother the pair of horny twink soldiers The pair start to French kiss, and can’t keep their hands off of each other, rubbing their hard youthful bodies through their military uniforms. They love the taste of each others hard cock, and are soon stripping their uniforms off, so that they can wrap their soft lips round the swollen shaft.

Vernon takes his military lube out, and lowers himself onto Private Thomas’ hard dick. He loves the way that the thick cock stretches his tight hole. Thomas wants to hold back his jizz, and offers his ass to his friend so that he can give him a lovely riming. The pair lie down side by side on the grass, and gripping their shaft, they wank themselves off. Thomas shoots his load of thick creamy cum first, and Vernon licks the drips from his cock end, and then finishes himself off, unloading all over his smooth stomach, while Thomas bites on his hard erect nipples

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When private Jason is ordered by commander David to paint an office, he is more interested in his own cock than in the work. He starts playing with his crotch and soon he needs to piss. He wets his pants and his t-shirt and his uniform is soaking wet when the boss comes in to check. Commander David is thirsty and drinks Jason’s piss. Then the private returns the favor and swallows a huge piss dump from his comrade. And that’s just the start!

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When a soldier captures a cute boy that he fancies, he gets to work with his comrade in arms. The boy needs to be punished and humiliated and to that end the soldiers have all kinds of methods to get the job done. They start with a clean up, and lick the boys ass. Next they check out his hard cock and try their bareback cocks in hus slutty hole. This is followed by wet and  horny piss play, and a dildo and fisting session to stretch the twink’s ass. After the comrades manage to open the hole we get a peek inside. In the final stretch there is a lot more warm piss, sticky cum, and hard cock for you to enjoy at gay Asian uniforms.

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When soldier Win is ordered to renovate his commanders office, he is not very interested in the job and seeks a way to accomplish his task in a way that matches the tedium with some fun. So he asks his comrade Ray to join him. The two boys have been best friends and fuck buddies since forever, so Ray is glad to help out. But when Ray catches a glimpse of Win’s butt he just has to kiss his friend. One thing leads to another and soon he is sucking the soldier’s hard cock, instead of painting the walls. The boys forget all about their paint job and a hot bareback session ensues. The uniforms come off, holes get filled and cocks get sucked, until both these comrades have shot their loads. Horny action for lovers of bareback soldiers whose only battle is with lust, not war.

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Tom is a conscript in the gay army and every day he sees a whole lot of schoolboys walk by his guard post. The cute boys make him feel horny and he decides to act on his impulses. One day he grabs one of the boys off the street and takes him to his room for some bareback training sessions. The schoolboy resists at first but once the soldier starts sucking his twink cock, he relaxes. Just to be sure, he is put on a leash and then has to suck the soldiers cock. This is followed by a lot of raw and bareback action and horny piss play, and it ends when the schoolboy cums on the soldiers balls and rubs it in. If you love a men in uniform this is real horny bareback action with gay soldiers.